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Eau de Toilette

Gisada UOMO – Eau de Parfum, is created for indomitable men who want to emphasize their strong, confident character with sensuality and elegance. Gisada Uomo is delicately and accented with tangy Italian lemon. Add to this,

  • Top Note: Fresh, sunny Italian lemon, with dried apricots. Rounded off with sumptuous Davana.
  • Heart-Note: Noble cedarwood combined with aromatic wisteria. With a touch of masculine rose added, surrounded by honey-like labdanum.
  • Base-Note: Strong amber harmony together with natural ambergris like a flowing drop of chocolate. Bedded on strong moss, sur- rounded by suede and, as a highlight, refined with slightlyanimalistic agarwood (oud).
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Elegant, stylish and self-confident – Uomo by Gisada.

Gisada Uomo is finely filigree and accented with tangy Italian lemon. Added to this, honeyed labdanum and spicy wisteria rose complement each other to form a strong base. A touch of rose is followed by the softness of deep green moss and the spirited and invigorating scent of coffee. The tart, masculine character of suede and the slightly animalic character of agarwood round out these elements.

The outstanding aspect of the Gisada Uomo fragrance is its spicy, woody character, reminiscent of a fresh breeze. Finely crafted, it is accented by tangy Italian lemon. In addition, honeyed labdanum and spicy wisteria rose blend harmoniously to form a strong foundation. The aromas are woody, dry, yet balsamic-sweet, giving the men's perfume its mysterious, magical appeal. A perfume like a tribute to the man, a perfume that gives an aura to his strength and beauty. A men's fragrance inspired by sensual strength, individuality and male pride.

Amber is slightly woody and dry, but also balsamic-sweet; in olfactory terms it is a brother of tobacco. Its scent is earthy and warm. It lends this scent its velvetiness. This corresponds to the oriental woody note that stimulates creativity and the imagination.

The perfume captivates with its exquisite fragrance composition.

The woody dry, yet balsamic sweet aromas give the fragrance its mysterious and magical appeal. The eau de toilette opens with the freshness of sunny lemon and dried apricot, rounded off by the fruity note of precious davana.

Elegant, stylish and confident - Uomo by Gisada was created for men who want to emphasize your strong character with sensuality and individuality. The woody dry, yet balsamic sweet aromas give the fragrance its mysterious and magical appeal.
The freshness and the sandalholzehe result ideal everyday fragrance to any session.

The fragrance brings, among other things, lemons and davana, cedarwood and blue rain, as well as suede, oud and chocolate. Present but gentle, masculine but not intrusive, elegant and memorable, this fragrance is just right for all men who know what they want and who value quality.