Ambassador Men | Candle -

Ambassador Men | Candle

CHF 99.00
Lively, fresh and intense, this masculine, cool fragrance features slightly oriental accents. Juicy and tangy notes of mandarin orange lend the fragrance an initially fresh citrus impression. These aspects combine...
Luxury Oud | Candle -

Luxury Oud | Candle

CHF 119.00
The sensual oriental fragrance oud plays with the extremely fine mix of spices and woods. He is refreshing with berries and the finest floral notes. All of this without getting...
Luxury Iris | Candle -

Luxury Iris | Candle

CHF 119.00
The fresh, elegant fragrance IRIS pampers the senses and invigorates the mind. The play between fruit, flowers and woody notes invites you to enjoy the scent all day.
Luxury Rose | Candle -

Luxury Rose | Candle

CHF 119.00
Choosing a spicy, fresh, distinctive rose for ROSE as a unisex perfume makes this fragrance a magnet for men and women a like.
Luxury Royal | Candle -

Luxury Royal | Candle

CHF 119.00
ROYAL turns the senses upside down, as it is fruity floral start, does not include any fruit. It enchants with leather and jasmine in which the heart note with freesia,...
Luxury Imperial | Candle -

Luxury Imperial | Candle

CHF 119.00
IMPERIAL, a perfume that exudes authority. Bold and fearless, but delicate and soft. The scent of the balsam fir, cist rose and cypress open this up in the top note....