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Eau de Perfume

Gisada Ambassador Men é comercializada como uma fragrância de alta qualidade e luxo para homens que apreciam aromas clássicos e atemporais.

  • Nota superior: green mandarin, apple, cardamom, violets
  • Nota do coração: lavender, black pepper, peony, patchouli, mango
  • Observação-base: vetiver, amber, vanilla, moss, teak
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Lively, fresh and intense is this masculine, cool fragrance with light oriental accents. Juicy and tangy notes of mandarin initially give the fragrance a fresh, citrus impression. These aspects combine with the spiciness of peony and patchouli. Amber accents are accompanied by the finest vanilla.

The result: a fragrance that expresses your elegant style.

Gisada Ambassador Men captivates with a harmonious combination of fresh, spicy and warm fragrance nuances. The characteristic fragrance structure of this perfume can be represented as follows:

Upper fragrance note: It includes an invigorating blend of citrus aromas such as bergamot and lemon, rounded off by the spiciness of coriander and tarragon.

Middle fragrance note: Here, floral and spicy elements such as lavender, jasmine and clove predominate, which are given additional character by a pinch of pepper.

Bottom fragrance note: The base note presents a warm, woody composition of sandalwood, vetiver, musk, patchouli and amber, which gives the perfume its lasting appeal.

Gisada Ambassador Men is marketed as a high-quality and luxurious fragrance for men who appreciate classic and timeless scents. The sleek and elegant bottle design reflects the sophisticated and refined nature of the fragrance.

Overall, Gisada Ambassador Men is a fragrance that exudes class and elegance, making it a popular choice for men who want to make a statement with their scent.

• Eau de Parfum for an intense long-lasting fragrance experience - the ideal accompaniment from morning to evening.

• The combination of fruity, floral, spicy and warm notes makes this fragrance versatile and suitable for different occasions.

• An eau de parfum that is the choice of a true connoisseur and offers a deep fragrance experience.

• The perfume stands out for its exquisite fragrance composition that offers a long-lasting scent.

Gisada Ambassador Men is known for its timeless elegance and is suitable for different situations, day or evening. This fragrance is designed for men who want to embody self-confidence and sense of style.