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Ambassador Men -

Ambassador Men

From $90.00 USD
AMBASSADOR MEN is marketed as a high-quality and luxurious fragrance for men who appreciate classic and timeless scents.
Ambassador Intense -

Ambassador Intense

From $109.00 USD
AMBASSADOR INTENSE is renowned for its timeless elegance. This fragrance transcends occasions and accompanies you from day to evening. Crafted for those seeking self-confidence and a fine experience, Ambassador Intense...
Titanium -


From $109.00 USD
Success has a scent. Titanium by Gisada Switzerland is the fragrance for the modern man. Distinctive notes of wood and ambery embody the confidence and ambition of a man who...
Ambassadora -


From $90.00 USD
Eau de Parfum for an intensely long-lasting fragrance experience - the ideal accompaniment from morning to evening, Floral nuances are combined to create a women's perfume that focuses on the...
Ambassador Women -

Ambassador Women

From $90.00 USD
The Eau de Parfum - Gisada Ambassador Women reveals a very beautiful feminine fragrance for women with a fruity, floral and oriental character. Floral nuances are combined to create a...